Sell To Us

Are you buying used items?

Yes! We are currently accepting used CDs, LPs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, games, gaming consoles and accessories at all 9 Beat Goes On locations.

The Beat Goes On does not typically purchase full frame movies unless it is the original format the movie was filmed in. We do not currently purchase used VHS tapes or cassette tapes. 

When can I drop off my items?

We will be accepting purchases during regular business hours. Please note, we will only be accepting a certain number of drop-offs at a time, so calling your local store ahead of time is best practice. To find your closest store you can visit here. If we have reached our capacity, you may have to get back in touch with us as a later date.

Are my items processed immediately?

If you are selling a smaller number of items, our staff should be able to process your purchase on the spot and pay you out in cash.

If you have a larger collection, your purchase may need to be held at the store until it can be looked through in turn.  Once your items have been processed you will be contacted by phone.

How long will it take to go through my items?

It all depends on the amount of purchase drop-offs we receive.  Depending on the backlog of a given store, it may take between 2-10 days to process your purchase.  Purchases are checked in the order that they arrive.  Our goal is to have them completed as quickly as possible!

How does drop-off purchasing work?

Purchase drop-off will proceed as follows:

  1. Items will be placed in a Beat Goes On plastic tote(s) by the person dropping them off.

  2. Customers will be required to fill out a Drop-Off Receipt, including name, phone number, email address, description of items and/or number of items being dropped off and a signature is required at the bottom.

  3. The customer will take the white copy of the receipt for their records and the pink and yellow copies will be placed inside the tote for store use. Customers must show valid government issued photo ID at the point of drop-off.  We will not accept any items if proper ID is not present.  Please note that any items that are dirty, soiled, or unclean in any way will not be processed.

How do I collect any items you have decided not to purchase?

Any items we are not able to purchase will be held at the store level for 7 days.  You can pick up your items anytime during business hours.

Are you still offering 30% more in-store credit?

Yes, we are always offering 30% more for in-store credit.

What are your store hours?

The business hours for all locations can be found here.

Our Quality Control Process

  • Items must have all packaging and appropriate cases.

  • Items that are not in excellent condition may be purchased for less, and repaired at our cost.

  • Store staff will determine which items can be repaired based on condition and demand for that title.

  • Store staff may not purchase an item due to overstock of that particular title, regardless of condition.

  • If an item is still sealed, we will treat it the same way we would a used item in perfect condition; this is because all sealed items are opened prior to being stocked in order to remove the disc.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot determine whether items will be purchased unless they're brought into one of our stores.  We do not give price quotes or estimations over the phone or by email.

  • You must be 18 or older with valid, government issued photo ID to sell. (ID includes: Driver's License, BYID, or an up-to-date Passport.)

  • Please note that at times a Beat Goes On™ location may temporarily suspend cash offers and solely offer store credit.  This allows us to rebuild a cash float so Beat Goes On™ staff may continue to offer fair cash value on customer purchases.  Feel free to call ahead to ensure we are able to process your purchase.

Sell By Mail

Are you far from one of our locations, but would still like to sell to us?  Click here for more information on our Sell By Mail program.