Unboxing The Vault: A Closer Look at The Beat Goes On's Exclusive Record Collection

Unboxing The Vault: A Closer Look at The Beat Goes On's Exclusive Record Collection

Vinyl holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. There's something inherently magical about dropping the needle onto a fresh record and hearing the rich, warm sounds that emerge. This is the experience promised by The Beat Goes On's exclusive Vault, not merely a collection of LPs but a treasure trove of vinyl records that offers a unique auditory journey. Today, let's unbox this catalogue and delve into the wonders it holds.

The Allure of The Vault

The Vault at The Beat Goes On isn't just a collection; it's a carefully curated assembly of records that speak to the soul of music lovers. Each LP is selected for its unique contribution to the music world, be it a rare find, a limited edition, or a colored vinyl that adds a visual element to the auditory experience.


The Weeknd After Hours Rare Vinyl


Weeknd - After Hours (Clear W/Red Splatter)(Sealed) (Used LP)

The first record we pull from The Vault is the Weeknd - After Hours (Clear W/Red Splatter). This album, assembled by the enigmatic Canadian artist, is a staple for fans of the genre. The sealed LP promises pristine sound quality, offering a listening experience that is as close as possible to the artist's original intention. It's a piece that not only audibly delights but also has a visual aesthetic to die for.


Licorice Pizza OST on Vinyl


Licorice Pizza Original Soundtrack (Sealed) (Used LP)

Next, we come across the soundtrack for the hit film Licorice Pizza on vinyl. This record is proof that The Vault isn’t simply a collection of LPs out of the price range for the beginner collector. This piece is an affordable entry level piece of music and film history. Soundtracks on vinyl are an amazing experience, so why not begin here?

Autographed Judas Priest Evening Star 12” Vinyl

Autographed Judas Priest - Evening Star 12"

On the other side of The Vault’s vast record collection we have some pieces that collectors would dream to own. For example, This Evening Star 12” vinyl has been autographed by the band members of Judas Priest. Looking for something exceptionally rare? Maybe give this collection a look. 

A Sensory Experience

Unboxing each of these records from The Vault is not just about discovering the music. It's a sensory journey. The smell of the vinyl, the feel of the record in your hands, and the visual delight of unique editions like colored or clear vinyl add layers to the experience.

The Art of Curation

What makes The Vault so special is the care and thought put into its curation. Each record is more than just a piece of music; it's a story, a moment in time captured in the grooves of the vinyl. The collection is continually evolving, with new finds and rare editions making their way into The Vault regularly. This dynamic nature keeps the collection fresh and exciting, offering something new for returning visitors.

A Community of Collectors

The Beat Goes On understands that vinyl collecting is more than a hobby; it's a community. The Vault is not just a place to buy records; it's a destination for like-minded individuals to share their passion for music. Through The Vault, collectors can find rare pieces that complete their collection, discover new music, or simply enjoy the nostalgia that comes with each record.

Preserving Music History

Each record in The Vault is a piece of music history. By collecting and preserving these records, The Beat Goes On plays a crucial role in keeping the legacy of these artists alive. From classic rock to contemporary hits, each album offers a glimpse into the musical past and a chance to relive or discover these moments.

Final Thoughts

The Vault collection at The Beat Goes On is more than just a compilation of vinyl records. It's a celebration of music, an homage to the art of vinyl, and a community for collectors and enthusiasts. As we rebox these treasures, we are reminded of the joy and wonder that vinyl can bring into our lives. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of vinyl, The Vault awaits with its hidden gems and musical wonders.

Each record tells a story, and each unboxing is a new chapter in the endless narrative of music. So, step into The Beat Goes On, explore The Vault, and let each record spin a tale of musical magic.

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